The (Fence) Posts

In order to keep out roaming animals, PISCES will have to be fenced in with wooden fence posts and metal wire. We will plant a living fence, a line of spiky bushes to prevent animals from going into the fields, during the first rainy season, but this will take several years to become established.

Kerime was able to purchase about 300 fence posts from a nearby town and hired a tricycle motorbike to transport them to the site.
While nearing the site, the tricycle tipped over backwards while going through a dried creek bed. The neighbors helped to unload and transport the posts the rest of the way to the site!
As the soil is very dry and hard, a large metal bar is used to dig holes for the fence posts.
And viola! The fence posts are being placed slowly but surely.

We will add more pictures of the metal fence as well as the living fence as we make more progress. Once we have our fields protected, then the fun projects, such as tree nurseries, vegetable growing, and reforestation, can start!

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