The Place

At the beginning of January, PISCES finalized the purchase of five acres of land in Northern Togo!

A draft of land purchase agreement signed, with thumb prints, by the community elders.
A rather large wad of cash is exchanged in the chief’s courtyard!
A ceremony was conducted to ensure that the ancestors agreed with PISCES purchase of the land.
After the ceremony, surveyors arrived to demarcate the limit of PISCES land so that we could put in fence posts.

The photos above show what a typical field can look like during the dry season in Northern Togo. Fortunately, the fields that PISCES purchased have not been completely burned and there are several large trees already there.

Michael will be traveling to Togo on March 10th to prepare the site for the upcoming rainy season, which starts in June. We will quickly gather all of the remaining organic material, such as leaves, corn stalks, and straw, and put it into a shallow hole. After adding water and some goat manure, we should be able to make some rich compost to start the soil amelioration process!

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