The Tools

PISCES recently purchased some new tools that are popular with Organic Farmers in the USA! These tools should improve our ability to grow crops and minimize the amount of time required to till beds, sow seeds, and remove weeds.

Some of the toys that we will be using in Togo.

The tools that we purchased include:

  • Two Push Seeders (the gadget with the wheels and handle), which allows for rapid and even placement of seeds.
  • Two Collinear Hoes (skinny hoe attached to a long pole), which allows for quick, efficient, and ergonomic weeding.
  • Soil Blocker Makers (the upright gadget with a squeezable handle), which makes soil blocks to efficiently sprout and transplant seedlings.
  • A Broad Fork (not pictured), which allows us to break up the compressed sub-soil for improved penetration of water, nutrients, and roots.

We will post photos of all of these tools in action shortly.

If we determine that these tools are effective, we will work with local welders to fabricate them in Togo.

This will support the local economy and allow subsistence farmers there to access these valuable tools.

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